Stuffgram Private Limited

Shipping Policy

How do Stuffgram Ship?

Parcel – If your order products are in a small quantity or easy to deliver, your shipment will arrive via bike/scooter.

Truck Delivery – When the size or weight of your shipment exceeds the limits of our parcel carrier, your item will be delivered via one of our trusted commercial vehicles.

Delivery Time & Date?

You can easily select your suitable Delivery time and date slot with checkout.

Stuffgram cost of Shipping?

  • If your cart value is more than Rupees 999/-, there are no shipping charges applied.
  • If your cart value is less than Rupees 1000/-, shipping charges applicable as Rupees 10/- excludes 18% GST. The total shipping charge will be Rupees 11.80/- per order shipped.

Where does Stuffgram ship?

We currently offer to ship to Indore & Rau, Madhya Pradesh. Order shipping time can take up to 1 or 2 Days (Except the order day).