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Sirona Blink & Glow Facial Razor Pack Of 1

66.00 B2B Price

  • Sirona Reusable Blink & Glow Face Razor for Women – 1 Razors| Painless Facial Hair Removal | Eyebrow Shaper, Upper Lip, Forehead, Peach Fuzz, Chin, Sideburns & Dermaplaning Tool
  • No pain or cuts: The razor is designed to give a close shave without causing any pain. The blade has a fine tooth protective guard net, which ensures zero cuts while shaving.
  • Saves time: Use it anytime, anywhere to remove extra hair on your eyebrows, upper lip, forehead and chin.
  • Easy to use: The razor handle is made of wheat, straw and ABS plastic and curved for a better grip.
  • Safe storage: Protective cap over the blade makes it safe to carry. It keeps the blade sharp and clean when stored.
  • Better skincare: It acts as an exfoliator and removes dead skin. This cleans the skin, improving its absorption of skincare products and increasing its natural glow.


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