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Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners (Pack Of 25 Liners)

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Panty Liners are similar to sanitary napkins albeit thinner they can be used on a daily basis to avoid extra discharges. Just like pads remove the paper from the back and place it on your panty. With extra cottony-soft surface and a curvy design for your extra comfort, Pee Safe is here with Aloe Vera Panty Liners. Pee Safe Panty Liners is a boon to all the girls/women who face white discharge. These panty liners can also be used around the days of your periods in order to avoid spotting. Pee Safe Panty Liners are 185mm wide giving optimal coverage and a subtle fragrance that keeps you dry and fresh all day long.

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  • Extra cottony and soft surface with a curvy design lined with aloe vera essentials protect your vagina from any rashes and lets you enjoy the day dry and fresh
  • 185 mm wide with a curved shape for extra comfort panty liner ensures optimal coverage
  • Antimicrobial properties protect you from infection
  • Subtle fragrance to help you overcome any bad odor due to white discharge
  • How to use: Remove the paper from the back and place it on your panty; For disposing of the liner, use a paper to roll it and throw it in the dustbin; Do not flush for it may clog the drain


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