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Whisper Choice Regular Wings 20 Pad

74.69 B2B Price

This effective product gives a complete fresh and clean feel during those heavy days of bleeding. The ultra technology in the Whisper Sanitary Pads ensures it adheres firmly at all times. Ideal for women with average flow. These sanitary napkins provide a sense of satisfaction and assurance to every user. The best part of this product, is its unique shape that avoids any side leakage. Moreover, leak-lock protection safe guards you by turning fluids into gel. Whisper Choice Ultra Sanitary Pads is medicated and it has an excellent technology for odour fighting, which helps you to enjoy freshness throughout the day.

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  • Soft top sheet for extra gentleness on skin
  • Stretchable wings keep the pad in place
  • Soft and perfect outer cover gives a nice feel
  • Up to stain 100% protection


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