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Whisper Ultra Clean XL 30 Pads

236.87 B2B Price

It’s about living your life by your own rules despite what society says. It’s about choosing for yourself, every day of the month. This revolutionary product whisper ultra clean xl+ has odor lock gel that locks up to 100% wetness and even odors and gives you the freedom to live life by your own rules, even during periods. Because meri life, mere rules.

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  • Nearly 40% longer helps provide more coverage
  • Wider back for better coverage to protect against back leakage throughout the night
  • 5X more absorbency
  • Lock core helps absorb fluid and locks it in gel form for long lasting protection
  • Dri-weave cover provides soft, dry protection
  • Use whisper ultra clean XL wings for days when your period flow is heavy vs an ordinary pad vs Indian average load per pad


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