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Sirona-Foaming Period Stain Remover-80ml (pack Of 1)

234.00 B2B Price

  • Sirona Antibacterial Period Stains Remover – Pre-Wash Foaming Formulation
  • India’s 1st period stain remover: This mild yet effective prewash treatment is made of plant-based surfactants and contains bio-enzymes that digest the proteins present in the bloodstains. While the grapefruit extract present in it kills the bacteria.
  • Non-bleach prewash treatment: Its no-bleach foaming formula removes the toughest of bloodstains while being extremely gentle on the fabric and its colours.
  • No harsh chemicals: The solution contains no parabens, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde, phthalates or colours, and is safe for both clothes and your skin.
  • Works on all fabrics: It removes stains from all types of clothes like – jeans, undergarments, bed sheets, pajamas and skirts.
  • FREE mini laundry brush: The mini brush helps in easy scrubbing after application of the solution on the stain.


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