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Pee Safe Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads – 7 Pairs

140.40 B2B Price

These sweat pads not only absorb sweat and unpleasant odour to keep you fresh but also prolong the life of your clothing by avoiding sweat stains and bleeding color. It sticks under armpits all day long and can be used by everyone.

These folded Sweat Pads are of 120 mm x 125 mm and hence are able to give you an optimal coverage over your sweat glands, keeping you dry and fresh. These Disposable Underams Pads also come in another variant of ‘Straight’ pads that come without the ‘fold’ characteristics. Please note that the adhesive may have varying sticking strength depending upon the fabric materials

13 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Absorbs sweat and prevents bad odour
  • Prolongs life of clothing
  • Prevents sweat stains and colour bleeding
  • Breathable and Deodorizing in nature
  • Adhesive offers secure attachment


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